Sharing biographical information or photos is optional, but here are some families who opted in!

Bonnie and Chris Cummings, Meredith (12), Tess (10), Emmett (4)

Karen James: The James Family—Doug, Karen and Ethan (9)Karen's uncle died and they will be in Montreal for the funeral

Shan Burton, Jeremiah (10) and Annalise (7)

Rebekah and Dan Clark, Ezra (15), Ivan (13) and Jonas (8)

The Tinker Family, who wanted their names made less searchable, and whose girls are J---- (12) and S----- (10)

Marla and Ken Briggs, Amy (13) and Lily (8)

Laurie and Jim Wolfrum, Katie (14), Li (10), Makana (6) and Kanoa (3)

Kelly and Mike Sturman, Caleb (15), Amelia (13), Mark (12), and Samantha (11).

Eileen and George Mahowald, Felix (12) Ericka (9) and Carly (9)

Fernanda, Edwin, and Zolay (2) (bio post removed)