Friday, May 11, 2012

What are we forgetting?

Is there anything I'm forgetting?
And is there something you might be forgetting?

I have a checklist here:

Maybe if you or your children are uncomfortable sleeping in a strange place, soothing music with headphones might help? For those staying in bunks, might an electric fan help? I don't know the weather there, but it might be worth considering.

A flashlight can be comforting and useful, too. Finding unfamiliar toilets at night with others sleeping is best done with a flashlight! (I'll add that to the list.)

Could tea and coffee drinkers please bring some of their favorite to share (small amounts) to add to a tea and coffee station? If I try to buy a variety, we'll end up with way too much. I'll bring a box of English black/caffein tea Julie brought to the last conference. The one that's left, of several she brought. :-)

Juice would be another good contribution, if your kid have a favorite. Maybe stash some by for them, and bring some to put out in public, if it's convenient and you can afford to.

Tissues and toilet paper... the lodge will furnish paper, but my kids always found it comforting to have familiar tissues available.

Please leave a note below or e-mail me if you see a gap in the plan.

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