Thursday, May 17, 2012

Camping, wifi, and if you get lost

Never mind this:

-=-Camp anywhere you would like (not by the lake, but anywhere else). Don't leave the car there...-=-

You CAN leave the car there if you camp across the stream (right turn by the office, instead of straight toward the lodge. There is a playground for young children with camping space near it, over on that side.

The only consideration is not to park on top of the above-ground plumbing, but I think that will be easy to see. There are two drinking fountains and a bathroom, so don't park between them, or between them and the office.

We were just out at the camp and there is a lot of room for camping and exploring. The arts and crafts room can be a hang-out for older kids, too.

ALSO... we hear wifi works well in the lodge IF one can change the user name on the computer to the required username/password combo. Windows 7 has a problem, we've been told. So wifi is a maybe, and a probably, depending on the technical savy of the user, and his operating system.

DIRECTIONS: And if you get lost, you can call George for particular directions from where you are: 617-899-7727

Be careful not to pick or stomp on flower like these, if you can:

And there's a big field at that end of the camp. I suppose you could camp on it, and there's a table, but it's not so near the toilets.

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