Monday, May 14, 2012

The Sturman family from Ithaca NY

Hello! We're the Sturmans: Mike, Kelly, Caleb (15), Amelia (13), Mark (12), and Samantha (11).

Mike is a university professor, who teaches human resource management, compensation, and research methods courses. He enjoys cooking, playing guitar, martial arts, and playing games with his family.

Kelly is a former children's librarian who enjoys playing games on and offline with her children, being sous-chef when Mike is cooking, watching TV (especially Science Channel, Travel Channel, History Channel, and Comedy Central), surfing the web, and the company of her dogs, but most of all, she likes hanging out with her family.

Caleb loves playing games, especially Warhammer 40K, but also D&D (version 3.5, and NOT 4.0), chess, Dominion, and many others. He also enjoys playing violin and fiddle; he volunteers regularly at local nursing homes/assisted living facilities, playing violin and fiddle music for the residents there.

Amelia's passions include reading sci fi and fantasy, singing, playing role playing games (online, tabletop, and live action), sewing, cats, and playing tag and other "disorganized sports".

Mark loves anime and manga (Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho and others), computer games (especially Roblox and Minecraft), video games, and chatting online with friends. He also appreciates a good game of tag, Red Rover, or H.O.R.S.E.

Samantha enjoys reading, playing computer games, video games, Hide 'n' Seek, Freeze Tag, H.O.R.S.E., and chatting online with friends. She loves pop music and popular culture and is very patient when explaining these to her mother.

We started out as relaxed, eclectic homeschoolers after pulling Caleb out of kindergarten after one semester, and some time later made several false starts at unschooling before Mike and Kelly were sufficiently deschooled. Now that we are better understanding what it is that we are trying to do (namely, foster healthy relationships and promote natural learning), we're all happier, and learning is flowing better too. We're all really excited about this upcoming symposium, and looking forward to learning a lot and making new friends!

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  1. Great looking Family my maiden name is Sturman I was born 1954 I loved to see your page thanks so much. I don't know if we are related but you are still like family to me.. God Bless I am proud to be a Sturman

  2. Hello Again when you look at my page its supposed to be funny I didn't think they would put this page on but its there its about sex being funny.....