Friday, May 11, 2012

Reminders and requests

Soft or quiet toys

The dining room will be where the presentations take place, and next to that is the living room, of the lodge, where younger kids can play and still be near parents. So for that we need some quiet, interesting things for kids to play with. If people with older children have something around they would be willing to lend for the gathering, or those with younger children have something the child wouldn't mind sharing, please do bring it.

At the Albuquerque event, my family provided a roomful of things, but we were three miles from the site and could ferry as much as we wanted over there. Now I'm flying, so I'm depending on the generosity of those of you who would benefit from having happy children around. (That's everyone, I guess!)

Review restrictions

Before you get there, and then on site where the things are visible please explain to your children about the swing, the bell, the water, the basketball hoop, the quiet times:

Let them know how they can help

You might think of other ways your particular child could be helpful to the group, but I have a list of ideas here, too:


There won't be good internet; maybe none. Except what might waft over from the caretaker's house (his wifi), the site has is unconnected, so if your kids love games, be sure you have some that work without internet.

Even though there will be other kids to play with and things to explore outside, sometimes a kid wants the comfort of doing a familiar thing next to mom or dad.

At our house we've been playing Flip Pix Art. It's a logic game for small devices (maybe others, too; not sure) like a cross between sudoku and master mind, but easier, and pictures are involved. There are three free sets and three at $1.99. I mean Marty takes my iPad away from me for hours, and even Keith will play it. Kids can do the 5x5 grids. I can hardly do 15x15 myself.

Some adults can listen better if they're playing a game, doodling, knitting... It's not a problem to bring something to do during the talks, and there will be tables.

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