YMCA Harrington Outdoor Center (near Worcester — map)
320 Sewall Street
Boylston, MA 01505

George Mahowald has reserved the lodge there, which has some equipment (kitchen, sports...) and some bunk beds but no bedding. There is another building—The Boathouse—with twelve more bunks in one room. Tent camping is allowed and you can pick your own spots within their 35 acre site (except not on the beach). RVs are allowed, but there are no hookups.

Click the link above for some information about the Lodge, and more photos are here: A diagram of the floorplan is here.

Wifi: Not much; in the lodge, weak, coming from the caretaker's house.

Refrigeration: Some, yes.

Bedding: Even those with bunks will need to bring their own bedding, and toiletries/towels.

Food: Most shared (bring your kids' favorites or requirements and keep them separate, if they can't eat regular food or they might become homesick for the more familiar)

Cooking: To share. (Don't make something that smells great that's NOT to share.)

No alcohol

Quiet time:

10:00, keep noise in the buildings or at the firepit.

12:00 midnight, get quiet in the dark. There will be activities at 9:00 a.m. We'll be too crowded not to let people sleep. If you have kids used to staying up later, consider iPods or something with headphones and tell them not to exclaim or sing along. If you would rather sleep late than come to the early presentations, it would be good for you to camp far from the lodge or boathouse, because those will both have a lot of people waking up at 8:00 or earlier, and we can't expect them to be quiet.