Sunday, May 6, 2012

Headcount and food note

UPDATED 5/11 with a two-year-old girl from Queens and her parents

I was asked who's coming. I'm uncomfortable sharing names, though anyone is welcome to write an intro!! In tabs above this (or if you're reading e-mail, click the post title to get to the blog) are links to information on speakers and on attendees who have send bios and intros.

The count, though which is in "give or take a couple" mode (three families haven't paid; Joyce's husband Carl might come, one teen and one younger boy are maybes) is below.

Six families are represented by one or two parents, but the kid(s) will be elsewhere. Those adults are included in the counts below):

24 moms
16 dads

17 girls (ages 6 to 15)
19 boys (ages 3 to 15)

Ages of girls:
13 (3)
9 (3)
8 (2)

Ages of boys:

15 (3)
13 (3)
12 (2)
10 (3)
9  (3)
8  (2)

So 40 adults, 37 kids, more or less; 76 people total.

When you bring food to share for Saturday's lunch and monkey-platter station, it does NOT need to be enough for 76 people! Something enough for 15 or 20 would be fine, if everyone brings some. And please make it finger-food and nothing stringy, hot, wet, messy or that needs bowls or spoons (not counting breakfasts, I mean).

And whether you're in a bunk, a tent, camper or commuting, a private favorite-food stash would be a good idea in case your kids (or you) don't like what's on the table.

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