Sunday, May 6, 2012



Reminder to bring bedding and toiletries.

But to the balls....
There are basketball hoops.
There is a gaga pit. Friday before dinner sandwiches and games in the lodge, I'd like to gather some critical mass of people over there to try it out and discuss how it works, so there will be a lot of people (especially kids) who know the rules.

It looks pretty easy. One is "out" for being hit at or below the knee, or for hitting the ball out of the court (unless it has bounced off someone). The ball is hit/slapped, not thrown, so don't catch it, just knock it with hands (not kicking).

I'll bring a couple of balls, but if you have a playground ball or just a summery grocery-store ball, that would work. (Don't bring a single favorite gift ball that would break a child's heart to lose, because balls can pop, and if one accidentally goes toward the lake, it's gone. We're not allowed anywhere near the lake.)

Here are some videos. In this game, there are advantages to being smaller! Other people's legs are a large target, and your own legs are not!

A simple set of rules and suggestions is here:

Some more serious, practiced play, with a very low wall:

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