The early talks might begin a little late, depending on the state of the breakfast tables; talks will be in the dining room. Meal schedule and notes

Friday, May 18

Show up anytime Friday afternoon to check in and figure out what's where.

4:00 and after, check-in

6:00 or so, getting-to-know-people games in or near the lodge
Saturday, May 19
9:00 Sandra Dodd
Welcome and intro to Unschooling
BUT not a very-beginner intro. This will be an intermediate/advanced "intro" involving some tools to help learning flow.
  • What does it look like, "being your child's partner rather than his adversary"?
  • Choosing to make choices (undoing "have to")
  • Balancing the new and the familiar, excitement and comfort
  • Being present and open

10:30 Meredith Novak
Unexpected unschooling resources in a less-than-ideal life

Unschooling takes some resources, but what do those look like, especially when your life seems far from ideal? While I'm pretty sure an "ideal life" doesn't actually exist, I've certainly run into some snags which could have been big hindrances to unschooling: parenting a step-child with high needs, another child who could easily be called "atypical", my partner suffering a serious injury that left him unable to work... and depressed, low income, living rurally, even being an introvert could be considered and impediment to unschooling. And yet somehow, along the way, I've found resources that support my family and allow unschooling to work for us. So I'd like to talk a little about the sorts of resources that can support unschoolers when the obvious ones aren't available. I'll bring my stories and talk about my crazy life - if you have an unexpected or atypical resource of your own, come prepared to share! I'll tell you right now, one of my Best resources has been the ideas of other unschoolers!

Noon to 1:30 Lunch break

1:30 Joyce Fetteroll
Building Pitfalls: Exploration of how people build new understandings of old ideas, and some of the pitfalls they can fall into while they think they're getting it.

Note from Sandra: Joyce did this workshop at a symposium in Santa Fe in early 2010. It will make you think about how you think, and about how we share our understandings.

3:00 Brie Jontry, with Michael Masterson and Noor
Brie and Michael will talk about the differences between what they expected homeschooling to look like, and what their unschooling lives actually do look like now, five years after they began tentatively deschooling. Learning to see their daughter Noor, their role as parents, and life in general beyond the shadows cast by school and the childhood wounds some carry into adulthood, has lead to some surprising and wonderful experiences including finding an adult male mentor for Noor, and Michael's making peace with his father.
Sunday, May 20
9:00 Panel of speakers
Thoughts about helping other people with unschooling.
10:15 Sandra Dodd
Changing the world
What are we doing, beyond the "unschooling without a curriculum"? How does unschooling affect our larger lives? How do we affect others and pass on what we are learning?
Noon to 3:00, Adventure Climbing
Camp employees will provide some activities involving ropes and climbing.

Depending how many people we have, there might be opportunities for doing all the activities or going twice, but if we have more than a few dozen wanting to go, not everyone will get to try everything. Still, it should be fun to watch!