Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Cummings Family

Hi! We are the Cummings Family. Chris (Dad), Bonnie (Mom), Meredith (12), Tess (10), Emmett (4 - although he has decided to be 5 instead :) and Vaughn, Bonnie's stepson, (17) who stayed in school until this year and who will stay home to work at his new job. We live in Easton, PA.

We decided after Meredith's first few months of Kindergarten that homeschooling would be a much better choice. We had thought she would want to finish Kindergarten, but Meredith had other plans and told us very clearly that she would prefer to start right away. That was 6 years ago and we've never looked back! We started out as 'eclectic homeschoolers' and quickly moved to unschooling, then to the realization that it was the whole lifestyle for us, not just 'not doing school'.

The girls run an American Girl Doll club.

Meredith loves to draw, currently anime & manga; to play with and redesign Monster High Dolls; and listening to music and learning to play her guitar; she is currently helping the family to become more earth-friendly.

Tess loves doing gymnastics and anything else climb-ey and bendy; is interested in everything about music and likes to play drums; she loves to draw; and caring for her many dolls and her tremendous stuffed animal collection; she plans to own a bakery one day.

Emmett loves Thomas trains; anything to do with garbage trucks; digging in the dirt; playing with collections of anything; and pretending to be all kinds of exciting things (a pirate, a knight, a ballerina princess, and a construction truck driver are some recent favorites).

Chris is the world's greatest Dad, a drummer, a senior manager at Verizon, and an awesomely fun guy.

Bonnie loves being a Mom and stepMom, likes to crochet, loves taking a gazillion pictures of the kids, and being silly whenever the mood strikes.

Here are some pictures from last week's backyard circus :)

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