Friday, March 9, 2012

Registration opens slowly

I have nineteen pre-registrations. I'll go through those in order, negotiating what needs to be paid for for each family, depending on sleeping arrangements and ages of kids.

There are very few private-bunk-room situations, so that will be a first-requested (and then paid) order. If you're camping or commuting, that's easier.

The basic rates are:
One person:


Two in a family
age four or over


Three in a family


Four or more


Plus, if applicable:
$10 per bed in a private room or $5 per bed in a shared bunk area

Each family will be asked to bring some food to share, and to help with the maintenance of order and happiness.

There are some restrictions on our use of the site; any family finding them too limiting might not want to attend.
Those who do attend will be expected to help their own children and others keep the peace and safety as stipulated by the site manager.
  • NOBODY near the lake, at all, in any way. (We would have to hire their lifeguards, and it's quite expensive.)
  • Quiet after 10:00; REALLY quiet after midnight.
  • Those under the age of 12 should be in the presence of adults.
  • No dunking, in the basketball area. Playing basketball is fine, but dunking could break the equipment.
  • Stay off the wooden swing near the caretaker's house. It's private property.
  • There is a bell hanging in a wooden frame. Don't play with it.
Questions can be sent to me or left as comments below.

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  1. One-day rates (applicable for Saturday or Sunday)

    $60 (two members of a family, age four or over)
    $65 (three, age four or over)
    $75 (four or more)